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Tuesday, February 24

Oops! Somebody's bad!

State searches Verona plant for missing toxic mixture

The Pa. DEP (read that dip!) can’t seem to find around 2 and a half GALLONS of thallium reported missing from an industrial diamond powders factory in the small town of Verona, about 10 miles northeast of Pittsburgh (not the one in Italy (Verona, not Pittsburgh)).

Stories vary about the knowledge or lack thereof pertaining to its whereabouts. The company was sold after the original owner died in 2003 and the new owners were either told or not, depending on who you believe that the really nasty stuff was or wasn’t there.

How dangerous is thallium? Well:
“Disposal of the thallium and thallium compounds, which was used for 50 years by the company, is regulated by the DEP because it is highly toxic and poisonous. It is a suspected carcinogen and can enter the body through skin contact, either as a gas or liquid. It is a slow-acting poison that causes hair loss, flu-like symptoms, excruciating skin and joint pain, paralysis and within two weeks, respiratory failure.”

They neglected to mention just how bad this stuff really is...honest! And didn't say how far 2 and a half gallons would go in affecting how many people. But let's just say the L.A.Coliseum may be a small comparison...depending on the intelligence level of the folks who may have borrowed it. A snipit from AP ONLINE, Nov. 2006:
LONDON - Thallium is frequently referred to as the poison of choice: Only a gram of the colorless, odorless, water-soluble heavy metal can kill. It is as toxic as arsenic, and even more so than lead.

Col. Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB and Federal Security Service agent, was under armed guard at a hospital Monday, fighting for his life after being given the deadly poison in London.

Litvinenko's white blood cell count - generally used as a gauge of the immune system - is down to nearly zero, said Dr. John Henry, a clinical toxicologist involved in his care.
- (more online)

And 2 and a half gallons is about 330,000 grams! (Remember what 1 gram can do. And diluting it 3 to one could render a million people incredibly sick for a very, very long time or permanently disable them!)

Now I don’t want to get all alarmist here (for personal reasons) but there are a number of these plants and others around the U.S. that use thallium and other swell exotic stuff and with the incredible scrutiny the Bush Administration has provided over the last 8 years, I have to wonder if all of this stuff (and other very, very bad substances) is accounted for? I have my doubts but sure don’t want to sound negative!

I don’t imagine anyone would consider using something like this for, say, doing bad things? I’m absolutely positive that they just wanted it to sell and make some money to tide them over during these hard times. Of course, that just may be intriguing supposition.

(Fred) Mr. Pena said he did inventories that listed the thallium and discussed the need to safely dispose of it in multiple meetings with the law firm.
"I warned them before they sold it about the thallium and focused on the danger," Mr. Pena said. "I warned the new owner too, to stay away from it."
The former factory is now being used by a home building and remodeling company. Officials there could not be reached for comment.

So the question is, “Where is this really bad stuff?” Hmmm? Don’t nobody seem to know! ME? I suspect aliens acting on the behalf of Xenu took it. That may be hard to prove, but I guess I’ll try.

Oh yeah! One last little item.
The former factory is now being used by a home building and remodeling company. Officials there could not be reached for comment.

Good thing there aren't any other dangerous chemicals around, or we could have something interesting on our hands!

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