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Sunday, February 22

Meghan McCain, hard to impress

From Politico:

Oh! Thank Gawd or Gawdess! It’s finally out! Meghan McCain isn’t impressed with Michael Steele or Sarah Palin! Now maybe, finally, I can get some sleep at night. You have no idea how long I’ve fretted over whether or when this political expert would make her decision on those two: a decision that could ultimately affect not only the entire hip-hop world but maybe even the wolves in Alaska.

But now, thanks to Politico’s Ben Smith (who has such a grasp on the obvious, AND the important stories of this country), I, along with countless others, can rest peacefully without the aid of Ambien.

This startling revelation comes right from the expert mouth of the insightful post-adolescent who claimed just a few short months ago that “no one knows war like her family” or some similar, brilliantly uttered, fact-filled revelation.

Really Ben, were there no missing white girl stories, no faux pas from anyone in the Obama Administration, no rampant speculation on how the down trodden wealthy will suffer because of the current economic crisis? Yet in all your "which to choose",“journalistic” capacity, you threw off any of those potential press stoppers and took it upon yourself to make sure the unknowing public became informed about the views of someone with vast amounts of political wherewithal, an unsurpassed intellect.

And Meghan McCain’s not impressed with Steele or Palin! Thank You! Thank You! Thank you for enlightening the rest of us. Because I truly would not have known what to think about Steele or Palin if it weren’t for your brilliant column explaining her thoughts!

You are now right up there in conservative pampering with the likes of George Will and the Washington Post! A true conservative influence and reportive hero! And...dare I say it? Maybe even mine!

Damn! It’s just so great to have someone with your insight worrying about the thoughts of the Republicans for a change since sooo much media time has been devoted to the Democrats.

If that piece doesn’t rate Pulitzer nomination, there should be an investigation! Keep up the great reporting, Ben. I’m sure sooner or later the media will discover your real talent; the blogs already have.

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