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Wednesday, February 4

A long distance dedication to that champ swimmer, Mr. Phelps.

Big Bad Bong
(Sung to the tune of "Big Bad John")

Parody written by Malcolm Higgins

I remember the day that "she " became mine,
a glass blower friend had a little spare time,
he blew out a bonger as big as a bucket,
he said boy you'll get wasted whenever you suck it
big bong

bought an ounce of hash for a buck forty five,
and sparked up old faithful, with some water inside
started to toke it, I was readily tryin,
and very soon after, man I was flyin, big bong
big bong, big bong.....big fat bong

I saw pink on the walls, and red on the ceilin
hard to describe just what I was feelin
and I dreamed of a chick, who has beauty just killer
and my mind sorta went to amiright's Royce Miller, big bong

I wondered what happened to merry and pippin,
the interest was waning, my stiffy was slippin,
I though of my cars, I own em not lease'em,
out there in the backseats we'd have our threesome, big bong

now the night became hairy and I was alone,
my water was low and my hash was all gone
I stood up and looked at my old lap computer
and I said Mer or Pippin, I wonder who's cuter,
big bong. big bong
big fat bong

now I'm sittin and typin, my mind is much brighter
but my humour's still workin, as a parody writer,
and I chuckle and drink milk, and eat a oreo
wonder what's happened to old Billy Florio, big bong
big bong... big fat bong

as I suck it in harder the residual odour
I finally think I'm so high I am loaded
and suddenly too hot, the glass cracked and shattered
but I thought of Roycie and nothing else mattered
big bong....

big bong big bong..
big fat bong

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