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Tuesday, February 24

Let's put our money where our mouths our -- - A great piece by Don Robertson, American Philosopher

sheeit this guy's got me on the edge of my seat...

WARNING! Bailout Politics IS Theft From The Middle Class and Societal Folly:
We are being told by the media that the current turmoil is an economic crisis. It is in fact a failure of the leaning tower of all our scientific pragmatically evolved systems of societal support. Injections of trillions is only impoverishing the middle class, enriching the upper class, and, this is doing absolutely nothing to address the real problem. The real problem has been evolving ever since the Enlightenment.

Okay people, this is not an article by another economist. So read it. It may just save your life.

The current topical turmoil being reported and noticed daily by everyone on the planet is no economic crisis. The economic worries are only a symptom of a much graver problem.

Since the Enlightenment humanity has been building a vast pragmatic house of cards. This house of cards is best understood when we look at the rise in population over the last few hundred years. A graph would show a steadily increasing upward sweep to over 6 billion people now living on the planet.

We are going to lose minimally a billion people very quickly, and possibly many more. So pay attention.

All our scientifically designed and pragmatically engineered processes and societal structures that have allowed and encouraged this unsustainable growth in population are failing. It is not just a question of money and economics.

Every one of these scientifically designed and pragmatically engineered processes of societal structure are interdependent. These have been layered one atop the other for hundreds of years.

The last time these systems society has seen evolve catastrophically came undone to this extent is now being widely acknowledged to be the Great Depression. This however only can hint at the calamity we face. Here's why-

In 1930 the population of the U.S. was roughly 80 million.

Today our population is 310 million.

And of the 310 million people living in our country, each is far more dependent upon the failing systems than any were at the time of the Great Depression. This is not an economic crisis. It is an impossible logistical crisis. Consider-

In 1930 85%-95% of the American people lived on farms.

Today, less than 2% of the American population lives on anything that could even remotely be considered a farm where food can be grown and raised.

That is the obvious benefit, being able to grow your own food. This benefit was incurred by those who survived the Great Depression on a farm. But that is only the half of it.

Remember there are more than three times as many Americans alive today! And of these, less than 2% could grow any part of their own food given the required warning to get them prepared for such a crisis.

And since the 1930s the interdependence of every facet our our scientific society has increased manifold. It is all coming undone at the same time because of this interdependence. Let me explain-

We all have read how the banks have failed, and no matter how much money gets pumped into them, they continue to fail. They continue to fail because everything else around the banks is also failing.

One of those facets of society that is going to fail with tragic consequences is modern scientific and pragmatically implemented agriculture.

Big agribusiness is going to fail worldwide with tragic consequence. Agribusinesses will fail just like the banks, for lack of money and for their dependence upon every other facet of our complex societal arrangements that keep everything running. When big agribusiness cannot get a single part for a large piece of agricultural machinery, they are out of business, caput, no mas... And the systems that support all large agribusinesses are failing every day.

Due to an insufficient understanding of what is transpiring, our government like every other government, is trying to socialize banking, impoverishing the middle class in the process, while leaving the other complex societal structures to fail simply because everything is interconnected.

When agribusiness fails, people will starve. People are going to starve.

The only hope is to reverse the socialization of banking and let the banks fail. We are going to come in for a hard landing anyway, but this way at least people can fend for themselves instead of having everyone commit everything they are worth toward defending so many collapsing financial institutions that cannot possibly be saved.

Only capitalism can feed this world today. Socialism, especially a hackneyed, frantically implemented socialism, will fail horribly.

Don Robertson, The American Philosopher.

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