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Wednesday, February 25

(From a friend)

It looks as though Banksters and other financial opportunists aren't the only ones taking advantage of the time between now and when the new administration decides to get tough (or is that IF it decides?)

Exclusive: Lawyer says Guantanamo abuse worse since Obama

An excerpt:
LONDON (Reuters) - Abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay has worsened sharply since President Barack Obama took office as prison guards "get their kicks in" before the camp is closed, according to a lawyer who represents detainees.
Abuses began to pick up in December after Obama was elected, human rights lawyer Ahmed Ghappour told Reuters. He cited beatings, the dislocation of limbs, spraying of pepper spray into closed cells, applying pepper spray to toilet paper and over-forcefeeding detainees who are on hunger strike

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