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Tuesday, February 17

Could It Really Have Been That Easy?

As you know, the CIA and the rest of the world's intelligence agencies have been searching high and low for one particular man for the past eight years or so.

That fellow is Osama bin Laden, or Osama bin Missin as I like to call him.

Now, a team of geographers from UCLA have weighed in, saying that by using two scientific theories from their field (geography), they think they've managed to narrow Osama's hiding places down to exactly three buildings in the same town in Pakistan's Kurram Agency region.

By using readily available data and by using these theories (known as distance-decay theory and biogeography theory), the team says that there's a strong likelihood that the most wanted man on Earth can be found in one of those three places.

(Of course, they suggest that the CIA investigate before carpet-bombing the crap out of the area, just in case they got their sums wrong.)

Which brings this to mind:

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