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Monday, February 2

Buy American -- Good or Bad?

I always thought it was good. But what do I know...

I guess it's not a simple question anymore. Many moons ago, I would always look for the "Made in the USA" symbol.
Can't seem to find it anywhere now a days.

The question seems to be more complicated today. It has to do with the "Buy American" clause that is a provision in the US stimulus bill regarding infrastructure projects...

What do you all think?

Here are some of the latest opinions

From NYTimes Op-Ed
If We Buy American, No One Else Will

From our "friend" up north
Buy American' clause concerns Harper

From some voices on some blog
Is the 'Buy American' provision in the stimulus plan anti free trade? Will it hurt the chineese who buy our bonds and stocks? Or will it protect jobs and get things growing again?

and here's the google search I did
buy american -good or bad

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