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Monday, February 16

After 30 years.

First Khmer Rouge trial to begin

Better late than never?

Maybe there will be some "atrocity of hope" for many of us in the future. The only down side to this is that Duch was in his early 30s when he played Adolph; In 30 years W will probably, unfortunately, be dead.
But there may be a chance many of his younger zealots will still be alive. Cross you fingers!

Either that or he could suffer the same terrible fate as Amin; living in a $4000 a month palace in England...or rather Paraguay!

Let's keep a good thought, at least for our children. With any luck, they'll read history books that haven't been revised:

The Way It Was - by the Republican Party, copyright 2009. (with special thanks and an intro by the Democrats)

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