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Friday, January 16

(un)Official Friday Sex Post

Unofficial, as in not having official authority, as in FULL OF SHIT

Here are two stories that, in my humble opinion, are a load of crap...

Have you read about the scientists (?) who have identified The Marilyn Monroe "Whoremone" that is linked to an hour-glass body shape in women, and also an increased desire to trade-up to new men?

(I really think these scientists would serve the public far better if they spent their time finding a cure for cancer.)

Women who have high levels of oestradoil also show elevated confidence and a greater inclination to have sex outside of their current relationship, according to the US-based research.
The ovarian steroid hormone is also associated with having a symmetrical face, large breasts and a low waist-to-hip ratio.

My advice to the men who fall for these women...

and now, for the biggest crock of shit I've ever herd (as in cutting one loose from):

The story of Ms. Natalie Dylan. (I can't believe US news and world report is covering this -- under their Money & Business section of course, and I can't believe there's over 3 million hits for it over at google.) As the saying goes -- I guess sex does sell.

That pig Howard Stern is the one who started this back in September.
In my opinion, it's just one big hoax. She apparently signed a book deal the other day, and will most likely not even go through with it.

Dylan (not even her real name) says - "We live in a capitalist society. Why shouldn't I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity?"

I say to "Natalie" -- then why not film it and sell the video.

If this really is a legit auction (as it's being called) how is it that offering money for sex is o.k. over the internet, but illegal everywhere else (except in Vegas of course -- maybe that's the loop hole!)

I don't know folks.

A fine example of what we've become... selling one's self out to the highest bidder I guess.

Why isn't prostitution legal anyway? Selling is legal. Sex is legal. So why isn't selling sex legal?

I guess only the government can legally screw us out of our money

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