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Tuesday, January 20

Two Sides To Every Story

I've spoken to many people who are complaining that Obama's inauguration will cost more than 4 times what Bush's event cost.

Fox and Friends, Drudge, Newsmax, etc made sure that that meme was spread far and wide, thank you very much.

When the biased news media reported what Bush spent for the 2005 inauguration, they left out the cost of security and when the media reports what Obama is spending, they include the cost of security. The bottom line is that Bush's 2005 inauguration cost $157 million if you include all the costs that the media includes when calculating the cost of Obama's inauguration.

Says Eric Bohlert at Media Matters
Unless the Obama inauguration tab (including security) ends up costing $630 million, we can safely say it certainly won't cost four times what the Bush bash did in 2005. And unless the Obama inauguration tab (including security) runs to $257 million, we can safely say the event won't cost $100 million more than Bush's, as Fox & Friends claimed.

So, for now, can the press and partisans please stop peddling this malignant myth

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