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Sunday, January 11

Sunday Morning MUSIC at the MOVIES

The Mental Defective League (Because life is difficult. And boring.) has two great posts up on the TOP 15 USES OF SONG IN A MOVIE. Great stuff!

Here are my picks:

Harry Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin' At Me (Midnight Cowboy)

(Can't decide which song I liked better in the movie)

John Barry- The Midnight Cowboy Theme

and my other OTHER favorite (song AND movie)....

Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell (Pulp Fiction)

What's you favorite song in a movie?

Our readers' picks thus far:

From Minstrel Boy --
Platoon (1986 Film) "Adagio for Strings" (Samuel Barber)

From Brooke --
"The lyrics and his voice get to me every time."
Urban Cowboy - Love Look What You've Done To Me - Boz Scaggs

From Walt (aka Wanderer) --
"It never fails to send a chill up my spine."
Zulu - Men of Harlech - sung by the Welsh 24th Regiment of Foot at the Battle of Rorke's Drift

sara ("it rings me out like a rag") and Punkster ("falls apart sobbing") are with Minstrel Boy for "Adagio for Strings"

CHUCK!! - you're worse than me when it comes to selecting one:"Love Reign O'er Me" by the Who in the film Quadrophenia. "The 9th Symphony" by Beethoven in the film "A Clockwork Orange". "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn in the film "Dr.Stangelove". "Love Story" by Henry Mancini in the film "Love Story". "Days of Wine and Roses" by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer in the film by the same name. "Moon River" by Mancini and Mercer in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's". "The Pusher" by Steppenwolf in the film "Easy Rider". "Over the Rainbow" by Harold Arlen and E.Y.Harburg for the film "The Wizard of Oz"."Clair de Lune" by Debussy in the film "Frankie and Johnny".

Let's go with this video -- Breakfast At Tiffany's -- MOON RIVER -- Audrey Hepburn vs. Henry Mancini
(I picked this video cause her cat is a dead ringer for my little guy - and has the same "behavioral issues")

oh deaudonnee - I have no words -- like you, I am sobbing...
THE PEARL FISHERS from the film GALLIPOLI (fast forward video to 4:43 to hear song clip)

and here's The Pearl Fishers duet, in full, sung by Laimonas Pautienius & Edmundas Seilius (grab the kleenex box folks)

Reader "Stunned" is going with the song Valse Triste from the film Allegro no troppo "The film is a parody of Disney's Fantasia, though possibly more of a challenge to Fantasia than parody status would imply. In music, an instruction of "allegro ma non troppo" means to play "fast, but not overly so". In the context of this film, and without the "ma", it means Not So Fast!, an interjection meaning "slow down" or "think before you act" and refers to the film's pessimistic view of Western progress (as opposed to the optimism of Disney's original)."

"Yes, it's a stupid cat but I still bawl my eyes out during the ending scenes."

I say Give that cat an Emmy! it's OH SO PERFECT ON SO MANY LEVELS

From The Fat Lady Sings --
It brings me to tears each and every time. Both actors fell in love with one another during filming. The song is so tender. It just about breaks my heart."Falling Slowly" from the movie 'Once'.

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