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Sunday, January 25

Study in Contrasts

The globulous fraud known as Rush ("Buy My Show So I Can Buy More Drugs and Fat Young Boys, Please") Limbaugh wasted no time in describing the tenor of his radio show for the next four years. His radio 'show' can best be reproduced by playing tapes of long episodes of beer and cabbage farts, interspersed with volleys of explosive diarrhea.

I digress, but leave you with that mental image. Mental floss is available in the lobby.

Limbaugh will essentially be returning to the "America Held Hostage" meme he pioneered on his TV show way back during the Clinton Administration - he refuses to give Obama any sort of honeymoon or grace period to see how he might perform. Of course, he wants Obama to fail anyway, naughty little America-hating bastard that he is, but one thing he burped out of his gaping piehole inspired this post.

He said that no one gave Bush any honeymoon or grace period in his first term, so why should he give one to Obama?

Rush, it seems, has a short memory.

The US Presidential election of 2000 was the closest race since 1876 (which had to be decided in the House of Representatives). Thanks to the disputed recount in Florida which led to a 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court Bush won with 271 electoral votes and 47.9% of the popular vote, while Gore held 266 electoral votes and 48.4% of the popular votes cast. The disparity between the EV and PV, coupled with "Flori-duh" and the Supreme Court's decision, meant that many people in America felt very strongly that Bush's election was illegitimate.

But don't take my word for it. Roll tape!

In the 2008 Presidential election, on the other hand, Obama beat McCain with a greater than seven percent advantage in the popular vote (52.9% to 45.7%) and a better than two to one advantage in the Electoral College (365 to 173). Very few people could dispute the legitimacy of such a wide margin of victory.

And need I roll the tape of Obama's Inauguration? Didn't think so, as it's already posted.

The peaceful transfer of power in the US is something to be proud of. Other nations either transfer power by outright fraud or by hails of bullets, so we like to point with a certain pride at how we do it.

Hence the anger at Bush's first inaugural.

Hence the joy at Obama's first inaugural.

Note I said "first."

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