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Wednesday, January 14

Speaking of crazy christian religious nuts...

Exposed: Prop. 8 part of 'Christian Taliban's' move to make Bible the law
Ahmanson is a Christian Reconstructionist, a devout follower of the late R.J. Rushdoony, who advocated the replacement of the U.S. Constitution with the most extreme precepts of the Old Testament, including the execution -- preferably by stoning -- of homosexuals, adulterers, witches, blasphemers, and disobedient children.

Ahmanson himself has stated, "My goal is the total integration of biblical law into our lives."

As absurd as this Reconstructionist agenda may seem, the success of Proposition 8 demonstrates the ability of what is sometimes called the "Christian Taliban" to pursue its covert objectives behind the screen of seemingly mainstream initiatives and candidates.
Total integration of Biblical Law into our lives. hmmm. Sounds like a pretty violent existence. If you've read the bible, you know what I'm talking about. The Proposition 8 debacle is just the start. It's time for people to wake up and quit making excuses for religious nuts. I see no reason to 'respect' people for their religion in a secular country when they have an agenda that seeks to undo the years of hard fought progress made. Be careful of who you vote for.

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