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Monday, January 19

Seeger Video Pulled

It seems that HBO sucks somewhat big time but they may not be alone. In case you wanted to see the YouTube video of Pete Seeger, fuggedabaudit!
The state run media has decided that you can't watch it. Not only that but if you took any pictures of the event, you must destroy them or pay a fee for using HBO's copyrighted property!
Suck? You betcha! Wink Wink!

Add to that the Obama people saying that the gay prayer which was censored (no other word for it) was HBO's fault and HBO saying it's Obama's fault. Then Obama offer the lame apology that they "always wanted to show it" but 'at least the people there in person got to see it." Whoop-tee-do! Probably because it would be a little too difficult to extinguish the Reich's Torches!
You can bet the foreclosed ranch that Warren's diatribe will go National! Maybe some hundred foot high banners hung from the new Reichstag to honor our new 'leader'?

No, folk. DW has it right. As with P.T. Barnum, we were born only a minute ago; many more will be born a little after noon January 20th, but won't realize it for a while. I begin to fear more for us now with the "Center-Right Cabinet" and advisors than the last 8 years.

If I'm wrong (again) we may still be here, at least physically. If I'm right, and others now share the seeming duplicity I was blinded to, it won't matter.

I had hope, funny word, that. I guess my definition is subject to a different interpretation from that offered by the winning candidate. And I'm sorry.

The Chancellory next; then, "Peace in our time"... at what price?

Jefferson must be spinning.

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