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Monday, January 26

Politics As Usual

If you have time to read this and watch the BBC documentary about Obama's plans for American health care system you will be enlightened as to how the rich white congress is in the pocket of the private insurance and drug companies.

Another must read is Paul Krugman's Bad Faith Economics-- debunking of the rich white congress' plan to derail the stimulus bill.
Some of these arguments are obvious cheap shots. John Boehner, the House minority leader, has already made headlines with one such shot: looking at an $825 billion plan to rebuild infrastructure, sustain essential services and more, he derided a minor provision that would expand Medicaid family-planning services — and called it a plan to “spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contraceptives.”
One of the reasons that Lush Bimbo is against the stimulus bill is because it could hurt GOP's electoral chances.... Kind of makes you realize why the Republicans are so dead set against helping Democrats to succeed at anything.

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