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Tuesday, January 27

Only the beginning?

With apologies to Chicago (irony, there!)

Looks like President McBama or is that President O'Cain has kowtowed to the vast right wing inferiority (because they are soooo powerful) and cut the funding for low income and poor family planning. Why? Because the Republicans think it won't create jobs! However, they did include 20 billion in corporate tax cuts in the stimulus package, otherwise they wouldn't vote for it! BFD! Let them take their ball(s) and go home.
What the hell did we vote for? Or rather, who the hell did we vote for?

And to all of you who are willing to "give him a chance", isn't that what the Democrats have been doing for 8 years? Enough is enough. We voted for a liberal agenda. Liberal isn't a dirty word any more than conservative is and I'm tired of being on the defensive. The Democrats in their minute wisdom have gone against Dean's strategy that got us here. Why? You guess!
We have a president who has spent more time talking to the opposition, the MINORITY opposition than members of the party he claims to belong to. Why?
I didn't vote for appeasement. I didn't vote for bipartisanship. I didn't vote for capitulation to every whim of the outdated corrupt Republican Party. I voted for someone who gave me the impression that he would support my ideals; that would change the way things were done in D.C.; that would stand up to these thugs that destroyed the country that I AND he lives in.
But let's not rush to judgment. Let's give him some more time. Maybe he'll even talk to a progressive sometime over the next year... or three. Pretty soon it'll be 2010 and we'll say, "Just give him a little more time" then in 2011 we can say, "Well, maybe he's got some plan in mind." Right! Looks like a continuation of "Left" behind...Right!
I didn't vote for President McBama! But I may have gotten him.

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