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Friday, January 30

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

Oh you just knew that this study was coming.
Frequent Sex And Masturbation In 20s And 30s Linked To Higher Prostate Cancer, But Risks Diminish With Age

ScienceDaily (Jan. 27, 2009) — Men who are very sexually active in their twenties and thirties are more likely to develop prostate cancer, especially if they masturbate frequently, according to a study of more than 800 men.
But to the right of the story is this story
High Ejaculation Frequency May Be Linked To A Decreased Risk Of Prostate Cancer (Apr. 8, 2004) — Ejaculation frequency, a measure of sexual activity, is not associated with a higher risk for prostate cancer, according to a study in the April 7 issue of The Journal of the American Medical ...

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