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Saturday, January 31

It's Getting Rough Out There

Check out this cartoon by right-wing 'humorist' Glenn McCoy (hat-tip to Deeky over at Shakesville):

Pretty terrible - don't you think? I sure as hell do. I mean – just look at the messages here – a shifty-eyed President Obama ushers a (white) woman in the latter stages of pregnancy in to see a mob-like executioner with blood on his clothes hulking next to a cash register. A nearby news stand proclaims Gitmo will be closed while the erstwhile ‘fetus’ asks "Couldn't you just waterboard me instead?"

Nice, huh? Believe me when I say this kind of thing will get worse as we go along. The right wing is only beginning its assault on America (and President Obama). For the next 8 years we will be inundated with bullshit like this. I don’t even know where to begin to register my discontent. Emailing that asshole McCoy (a former Playboy cartoonist, wouldn’t you just know it) might be a start:

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