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Sunday, January 25

Five Days In ...

Well, it's been an eventful five days, folks, so let's do a teeny bit of recapping, shall we?

Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as our President on Tuesday and what could be considered a "throng" of people gathered to cheer him. The past two inaugurations were rather a downer, after all, so we were in a bit of a party mood.

Not that Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Mighty Wurlitzer cared, of course. Limbaugh even went so far as to say that he wanted Obama to fail. That means, by the oh-so-logical extension so favored by the Right (I'm Republican; I know my people), that Limbaugh wants America to slide into a depression. He wants us to be attacked by terrorists and see Americans die in terrorist attacks.

(I'm not making this up. But you'll have to look up the links yourself; I don't link to Stormfront, and I won't link to Limbaugh.)

But so far this past five days have seen a flurry of executive orders come out of the White House: Guantanamo Bay closed as a prison, CIA black sites shut down, senior staff pay in the government frozen at current levels, abortion funding reinstated for Third World countries, etc. We will even start research into human stem cells as treatment for diseases.

You can hear heads exploding on the Right with the radiance of a thousand suns.

The Vatican immediately deplored Obama's stands on abortion and gay rights, which suggests to me that our next Ambassador to the Holy See should be a Lesbian Catholic.

So, it's been five days in Washington ...

... and the tiny-brained screechers of the Far Right have yet to see their fondest wish come true.

Speaking of the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI reinstated several excommunicated bishops, including one who is a Holocaust denier. I guess the ranks of seminarians at St. Pedophiles were getting a bit thin of late.

A man ran amok in a Belgian nursery, killing two babies and an adult worker before his apprehension. Interestingly, he had his face painted to resemble Heath Ledger's Joker from the last Batman movie. Right now, he ain't talking.

The Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, underwent heart bypass surgery this past week. Ordinarily this would not be much cause for concern in the US, but after the November 26th attacks on Mumbai tensions have risen between India and Pakistan. Furthermore, ever since the 'Smiling Buddha' test in 1972, nuclear release authority in India has been vested with the Prime Minister. Hopefully they've worked out a succession scheme so that the launch authority doesn't automatically devolve upon local commanders.

And in our Oh, the Sweet Taste of Bitter Irony segment, former priest and homophobic evangelist gay guy Ted Haggard (who you'll recall had to give up his lucrative megachurch after he admitted having a gay affair) is now having to fend off questions about another gay affair back when he was supposedly straight, this time with a 20-something church worker. Word of advice, Teddy - try to find a lower-profile line of work, or just come out and admit it, okay?

Ooh crikey! I almost forgot!

Evidence has been shown that there is a deep fossil fault line under Arkansas that (if it goes pop) could, conceivably, be as powerful as the New Madrid Earthquake back in the early 1800s. And central Arkansas recently had about 400 very minor temblors. Hang on to your hats, kids ...

Anyway, it's been a fun-filled five days, and we can expect to see more. Obama's 100 days aren't up yet.

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