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Thursday, January 8

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes? Hope? I don't think so folks - - - Obama picks RIAA's favorite lawyer for a top Justice post

(Happy Birthday David!)

I do believe we all got fooled again

the "permanent establishment" is still going to be running the government.

At least he broke his silence on the conflict in Gaza:

"I’m very concerned with the conflict taking place there," Obama said. "I’m monitoring the situation on a day to day basis."Obama said he was "not backing away at all from what I said during the campaign" and that "starting at the beginning of our administration, we’re going to engage effectively and consistently in trying to resolve the conflict in the Middle East."
(Yes - I'm grasping here folks)

Here's the story on his selection for 3rd in charge at the DOJ - The RIAA's favorite lawyer

And here's some background on copyrights and copywrongs

Have a sparkling day...

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