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Wednesday, January 7

Calling Dr. Curly, Dr. Larry, Dr. Moe.......Dr. GUPTA?

Please forgive the cynicism. It's a bad habit.

I'm just having a difficult time assessing this appointment.

Here's what Ezra Klein thinks:

Here's what
Paul Krugman has to say.

Here's Larry King, Michael Moore and Dr. Gupta discussing our health care system

(and what about all this Reefer Madness?)

Here's some opinion from the WSJ Health Blog:
Good Call. Bad Call. I would have preferred Gregory House, M.D.

and last, but certainly not least..., here's what PZ Myers and his commenters have to say:

I'm not so sure about this pick

It looks like Obama has picked Sanjay Gupta to be surgeon general. He seems a bit of a lightweight, to me — he's mainly known as a congenial talking head on television news. He's also an apologist for US health care, which does not give me any confidence that we can expect the slightest effort towards health care reform. I suspect Obama has just picked a pleasant smiling face to act as a placeholder, and that disappoints me.

We'll have to see how that ol' conservative, Orac, reacts to this news

and here's Orac's response

What do you think?

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