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Sunday, January 11

Be True To Yourself... or else

Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails
Just call me lucifer
cause I’m in need of some restraint …

I have mixed emotions about Ted Haggard. ( See The Lost Shepherd) I watched him in the movie Jesus Camp and detested him with his high and mighty attitude, insisting that homosexuality is such a major sin in the Bible (which it's not.) Just looking at the smug Haggard, head of a 30 million strong evangelical association going on and on about the sin of homosexuality made me think that must have something to hide. Sure enough, he was caught with his pants down and was banished by his so called "christian" church. He spent a few years in exile in Arizona. Now he's an insurance salesman and allowed to move back to Colorado and to step foot back into his congregation as a parishioner. I found myself oddly sympathetic to his plight mostly because I felt that his church shouldn't have cast him out for being a "sinner." Real Christians aren't supposed to do that... but maybe they missed that part in the Bible.

Haggard is still very much against gay marriage in America. He won't say that he's a homosexual but admits now that there is no black and white as far as sexuality goes- that for him there is a gray area. He says he's still tempted. He also insists that his marriage to his wife is better than ever. I'd like to hear her say that.

He put his wife and family through what must have been a living hell. This is exactly why I am for gay marriage. Everyone is happy to point the finger at the un-closeted gay men who were living lies in fake marriages with women, but what people fail to notice is the trauma to the fraud's wife and/or kids.

When closeted gay men marry women hoping to suppress who they really are, they are being selfish and they are hurting the institution of marriage more than helping it. It's so obvious to heterosexuals that legalized gay marriage will do nothing to hurt families. Keeping it illegal will only hurt more women like Mrs Haggard who was living a lie with her husband only to be publicly humiliated and ostracized from her community through no fault of her own. I see this happen time and time again with public figures and it breaks my heart to see their families put through such an ordeal.

What is it with this obsession by conservative so called christians and their anti-homosexual rantings? Homosexuality isn't even mentioned in the 10 Commandments, for gawdsake. It's like christian religions are run by nothing but closeted and self hating homosexuals.

Living lies isn't only the domain of closeted homosexuals. Many people are afraid of who they are or what others will think of them or their families, so they live lies and live in fear of being found out. They weave tangled webs that trap their family members as well which leads to stress and broken relationships. It's a vicious cycle. Eventually when truth comes out, the cover up is really only what people are interested in. The truth generally isn't as bad as the cover up.

People who cannot be honest ought to stay out of relationships... and church pulpits.

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