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Wednesday, December 17

What some of the folks from where he used to be governor think

Obama Selects Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary

(Copied as is with no editing):

10:36 PM bad choice wrote ...Seems to me that this is a terrible choice.......what does he know about farming? Guess Nobama isn't as smart as everyone thought he was. I knew we would find that out sooner rather than later, if you think things are bad now, just wait, with Nobama and his Clinton people, it can only get worse.

10:03 PM Geez, I should be the Ag Secretary then wrote ...I have been on farm once!!! They should have had appointed him Ambassador to the North Pole!!!!

9:17 PM Jordan wrote ...What a joke. there goes all the rest of the family farms. nice one there obama....

8:59 PM Anonymous wrote ...Vilsack was not a very progressive gov. Remember how he labored over raising the speed limit? He was kicking and screaming against that every step of the way. How he ever had the b@llz to push the smoking ban, is beyond me.

8:15 PM eye opener wrote ...Okay, as we can tell, the person who will take office in January is so inexperienced he is picking all the wrong people. WE ARE SOOOO SCREWED!!!!!

7:33 PM What board does his wife gets? wrote ...His nomination is plain silly.

7:31 PM Another pig greesed wrote ...Bring home the bacon. Vilsack as Ag Secretary. What a joke!!!

7:19 PM Anonymous wrote ...Big mistake.

7:18 PM cyberwolf wrote ...keep your seeds to your self he will give it away like he did this state can you now grow hemp to cloth all the chicago implants? OOPS they steal semis full of new boot cloths.

6:41 PM HUH!! wrote ...VILSACK is an idiot and doesn't know squat about farming! just because he's from Iowa doesn't mean he knows anything about agriculture! and we thought Obama was appointing experts?

6:40 PM Delbert wrote ...Dear Wait, You are correct he did say he was not running but he is a politician and do they ever tell the truth? All I can say is there goes the FARM!

5:56 PM Anonymous wrote ...And you thought farmen couldn't get any worse.

5:46 PM eric palmer wrote ...Must be nice to call in your debts. Not what you know its who you.... Iowa deserves it.

5:37 PM Terry wrote ...Woo-hoo!! Go, Tom, Go!! Go to Washington. New change for Iowa. YIPPEE!!

5:24 PM OH-NO wrote ...This was a poor choice. I'm a democrat and frankly I think Grassley should have been nominated - at least he is a real farmer. I doubt it if Vilsack has ever turned over any dirt other than political dirt.

5:10 PM Wait... wrote ...Didn't this site say he wasn't in the running a few weeks ago or am I crazy?

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