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Sunday, December 7

A Thought...

Ain’t it just curious now with the NeoCon and Republican roaches braving the light of day, that all of a sudden they profess concern about, oh, food quality, health items, housing, jobs...ethics...etc.?
Yes, Obama really better pay attention to these and many more maturing crises that the NeoCons and Republicans somehow ignored during their reign of power.
Yup! We better fix these things that they screwed up or the really stupid people out there will blame the Democrats and reinstall the same ones who brought us this mess! (Not that the Republicans will inform the masses that it was they who trampled Rome. On the contrary, they will go out of their way to make sure the underinformed hear only their talking betcha)!
And what’s going to be done about it; put forward thinking people in charge? Well, as one put it over at kos, name a liberal on Obama’s cabinet (hint! Hillary ain’t one!)
While I’m not quite the CT (Conspiracy Theorist) that our own estimable Peter is, I AM starting to wonder which side of Amontillado’s chamber we progressives are in.
Still, as we have become much more cynical than our parents, we also seem to take more of a wait and see attitude. And if that doesn’t bode “center-right”, I don’t know what does. Is that a good thing? The last 8 years say otherwise.
Lay in a good supply of whatever vintage you like. It may have to last a good, long time.

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