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Monday, December 15


Since the "southern Senators and friends", (sorry Anna), those who are defending the foreign automakers who so generously built plants in the south, are adamantly against the auto bailout and think that Detroit should become more like the wonderful imports built here in Amurika at slave wages, does anyone know what make of cars these Senators and Representatives (who voted against the bailout) own? How about their families?
Wouldn't it be a little hypocritical if they owned, say, a Cadillac or Lincoln or Buick and had the balls to say Detroit should make better cars?
One last question:
If the non union auto workers in these southern factories make "far less" than the ones in Detroit, how does the middle and upper management salaries compare? Do the engineers and sales and marketing people people working for Honda and Toyota and Mercedes etc. here in the U.S. make the same as those that do the same jobs in Detroit? And how about the CEO's in comparison?
Inquiring minds want to know!

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