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Sunday, December 14

Palin's hometown church burned in suspected arson.

But it's ok because she says the lord will make something good come from bad things. (Maybe that means he'll call her home?) The PTB say they aren't sure whether her role as fanatic (my words) may have influenced the incident or not. Right!

If not, then something smells and it ain't decaying moose meat. Poor Sarah hasn't had any attention for the last little while and this would be a perfect "cause célèbre" for kicking off her 2012 ultra right wing policy of blaming the "devil made us libruls do it" anti religious mentality.

You really have to wonder if a deranged, 130 pound, Alaskan Turkey (with a reputed I.Q. of 70) had a piece of dark meat in this.

Conspiracy nut? Who Me? Learned it from the best!

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