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Friday, December 12

Obligatory Friday Sex Post (part deux for ladies)

Now that bad Bush is gone, good bush is in.
Bush is back
"Absolutely," agrees April Barton, stylist extraordinaire and owner of Suite 303, the salon in New York's notorious Chelsea Hotel. "The new rule of thumb is: When you lift your leg, there shouldn't be any hair below the crease. Keep it clean in the back. And in the front, trim the hair right before its natural curl." She likens the look to a more trimmed, 21st-century version of '70s pubes: the tailored bush.

Or, as my friend Jen put it, "My landing strip has turned into more of a Dorito."

It should probably come as no surprise that the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression would inspire a little fuzz. Conspicuous spending is out, after all. And maintaining a stripper-worthy wax job ain't cheap.
Indeed and it's hard work maintaining that 12 year old pre-pubescent look.

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