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Wednesday, December 24

Merry Christmas, Peace and Justice to All


Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas Eve is a special time of celebration as we await the birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ and ask the time-honored question: “Who would Jesus hate?” Well, our guess would be that long list of crooks and liars and swindlers that surfaced this year but some say, like
the Pope -- it is the gays and that they pose as great a threat as rainforest destruction.

We beg to differ. So LWOH asks the Pope:

"If a gay sings and dances in the rainforest and nobody else is around to hear it, did the DVD never materialize?"

Anyway, Christmas Eve has got to be the most delightful holiday on earth, next to Halloween and of course, one’s birthday, and what better way for everyone to deck the halls but with song and dance?

The enchanting movie White Christmas has something for everybody! And who could ever forget the Holiday Kings of Comedy Goof -- Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby --- doing the drag version of “Sisters” immortalized by the forever dazzling Rosemary Clooney?


Well here it is! Click on the above video for an instant and joyous holiday refresher.

And for all of us holiday skiers and snowshoers traveling to colder, stormier winter-wonderlands from Seattle to the Great Lakes to the northeast,
lots of luck, patience and peace.

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays to you all,


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