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Friday, December 12

"Jolly Boots of Doom" -- Bow Down Before The Power Of Santa

From Nickelodeon's Invader Zim:

(h/t to Indigus @ Godisnotanasshole)

Apparently this youtube poster is wondering how they got "so many views on this garbage". I also wondered the same thing at first. Apparently, Camille Paglia referenced this video in a recent post at Salon

Finally, a holiday treat. I've often complained about my childhood oppression by saccharine Christmas carols, which were forced on us at school and in Girl Scouts. (The narcotized "Silent Night" was the worst torture of them all.) So I was delighted to find this anti-carol on Nickelodeon, the children's cartoon network. The ominous scenario ("Brave New World" meets "Metropolis") wonderfully expresses the commercialized fascism of this hectic season. All year long, these hypnotic lyrics have become a standard chant at my house: "Bow down, bow down, before the power of Santa -- or be crushed, be crushed by his jolly boots of doom!" What gifted team created this witty fantasia? Congratulations for popular art at its best!

I wonder how many folks won't be bowing down before the power of "Santa" this season.

Sorry "Santa" -- I'll be kicking a great big boot up yours this shopping season!

Knowing what I know now, and if my kids still believed in Santa, I think I would be instructing them to tell all of their friends about the big Santa Fraud now known as consumerism. Just tell them it might be difficult to accept now, but that someday they will thank you.

AM I being a party pooper?

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