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Monday, December 22

It's okay for me, but not for you

The banks that received bailout money won't say where it went.
It went to bonuses, stock options, country club memberships.
Bailed-Out Executives Got $1.6 Billion In 2007 so why do they need so much?

World stocks lower after news of Toyota's first loss since 1941.

Auto execs can't fly their jets but Wall St execs are still enjoying the perk.

Hedge funds gain access to $200bn Fed aid

Confession: I attended a lovely party on Saturday night in a ritsy titsy town full of hedge fund managers, stock brokers, bank execs and financial services types and got into a mild shouting (well not exactly shouting, but close) match over union busting. Some of the people were my friends from our hippie days. I actually told one of them, "You've become The Man!" after he told me how poor people and unions are to blame for this financial meltdown. Our host then put on loud rock music and told us to sing or dance. Good call. Apparently I am the one who feels that people should get stuff for nothing. Projecting are we?

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