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Sunday, December 28

Is There a Setting Beyond "Epic Fail?"

Because if there is it belongs to George W Bush.

Three-quarters of the people polled by CNN say that they're quite happy to see Bush leave office and don't want him ever coming back.

The last, tiny, fleeting glimmer of a bright spot - his efforts to salvage some sort of Mideast peace plan before January 20th - was extinguished under sixty Qassim rockets, one hundred tons of bombs and at least 200 dead Palestinians.

We may be looking at war between India and Pakistan.

And the economy is still lodged in the sewer pipe thanks in very large part to the Bush Administration's deregulation efforts and a Republican history of letting the markets dictate the markets (and not taking into account the fact that human greed would trump even common sense).

So if there is a setting beyond 'Epic' on the Fail-o-meter, Bush owns it.

Lock, stock, and barrel.

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