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Monday, December 22

I guess it's just that time of year.

Saturday evening after a sad incident, some friends and I were sitting and discussing the reasons we're all here. Naturally, nothing was solved since we're not privy to the FSM's designs. The "conference" devolved into "What can we do for our fellow 'man' to make things better" and such topics. The group was mixed evenly of females and males all with each's definite solution for life and happiness; some reasonable, some not.
Then one of those questions came out of left field that either starts arguments, deep thoughts or some sort of introspection.
I offer it here for consideration because it involves a personal, somewhat self-centered answer. Thinking about those who are no longer with us, we always come up with a couple of items that endeared them to us or troubled us about them. That night we decided not to dwell on any negative, but remember the happier, positive aspects of those lives.
But the evocative question was not what we thought of our friends, rather:

"According to your own beliefs, what will your spouse or family, significant other or good friend(s) miss the most about YOU when you leave this plane of existence?"

It became quite illuminating to all after that.

Any thoughts any of you may choose to share with the group?

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