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Thursday, December 25

Damned Inflation! What 40 Grand Won't Buy You Any More!

"Bush Withdraws Pardon After Learning of Campaign Contribution"
President George W. Bush withdrew a pardon yesterday for a New York real-estate developer after the it became known that the developer’s father made the maximum $28,500 donation to the Republican National Committee months earlier.
The father, Robert Toussie, also of Brooklyn, contributed $28,500 to the Republican National Committee on April 25 and $2,300 to Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign five days later.
In October, Toussie made $2,300 donations to two Republican U.S. senators in close races, Norm Coleman of Minnesota and Gordon Smith of Oregon.

Now if it'd been four hundred grand in a plain brown envelope....

NY Daily News Photo of the Lovely Couple:

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