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Tuesday, November 4

World hopes for a 'less arrogant America'

That's the story at Yahoo News.

I too hope for a less arrogant America, but the arrogant ones may still win if people get tired and exasperated at the polls. What's positive though is that the rest of world is hoping that America, the country will shine again and that's something I think that everybody wants, even the ignoramuses who think Sarah Palin is all that. It's been pretty embarrassing to be American for the past 8 years and also watching McCain/Palin rallies. I hope that we can put an end to that divisiveness and arrogance once and for all.

Voting was a piece of cake here on Long Island as usual. There are always enough voting booths and the lines are separated by neighborhoods. No one hassled us for voting cards or ID. I wish it could be the same everywhere. Maybe it's time to make federal laws so that everyone can cast their vote easily and quickly with no fear of foul play. It took me less than 30 seconds to vote.

Something I thought of last night when I was at the ATM machine-- If Diebold can make ATM machines that never screw up, how come they couldn't make accurate voting machines? I've never had my banking messed up by electronic banking, not even online. Isn't that strange? And how come most of Europe votes with paper ballots and it works out? Why aren't Americans freaking out that we can't trust our votes to count across the country? What century is this?

How was voting by you? How are you feeling about the election?

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