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Wednesday, November 26

That time of year again

It's that time of year when many of us find ourselves sitting at a table with wingnut, Faux News watchers, bless their hearts, who are full of "facts" about how the liberals are ruining the country. While it would be wonderful to talk about how amazing it is that we have our first black president, I am quite sure that tomorrow's dinner in NH will focus on how he is the antichrist himself and the most liberal Muslim in the Senate.... ever.

Then we'll probably hear about how the northern autoworkers make $70/hour (they don't) and how good it is that southern autoworkers make a pittance with no health insurance and that's why the relatives only buy foreign cars because it's the American way to exploit those who make slave wages...

I agreed to put up with the catholic, conservative, homophobic, right wing that is my son's father's side of the family for Thanksgiving as long as Christmas is spent with liberal people of my choice who are mostly not my relatives. I did that last year and it worked out fantastically.

My plan of non-attack for tomorrow is to start drinking heavily upon arrival in New Hampshire and sit with the children. I vow to keep my mouth shut for the most part except that I promised myself to interject that "I like Hillary" when her name comes up just to make things interesting.

What kind of thanksgiving do you expect tomorrow? How will you deal with wingnuts?

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