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Monday, November 17

Radical, Rational or Practical?

Tongue in cheek? (for those who don’t understand demented humor).

OK. How’s this for solving the “bailout crisis?” Since everyone in power (and out) is in someway responsible for our current situation (either actively or by implication and ignorance), I suggest we hold a nation-wide lottery for Current and Retired:
Businessmen, Federal, State and Local Congressional Representatives and Senators, Cabinet Members, Lobbyists, Political Advisors, Governors, CEOs, Upper Level Management, Lawyers, Union and Religious leaders, Media Pundits (with extra picks from Fox News) and non registered, eligible age voters.
Each month, every Thursday, 100 “winners” from the nation-wide pool would be selected. These would be escorted by local authorities and presented to the nearest local town square or equivalent each Saturday where they would then be shot, in public. The event would be broadcast live on C-Span at 2:00 P.M. Eastern - 11:00 A.M. Pacific. Those unfortunate selectees would be left to lay in public until the next Thursday’s choices, who would be required to remove their predecessors to the proper facilities then ready themselves for their turn the following Saturday. (Any advertising profits would go 100% to senior citizens).
The lottery would continue, each week, with another 100 selected from the pool of participants with the same Saturday actions until the remaining lottery entrants get the idea, change their ways and straighten out the country. As a bonus, 100 additional winners would be selected during the weeks of National Holidays.
This should serve as an effective stimulation for the surviving participants to very quickly enact policy to benefit the public.
Each month the public would vote, (straight up or down) by email whether those remaining then acted in our best interest. Less than 50% would ensure the next month’s lotteries. Over 50% would delay the lotteries for at least one month.
As an added opportunity for the general public, a nationwide betting pool for $1.00 per chance would be instituted on who the next 100 would be. Winners would be provided with tax free status for the remainder of their lives.

Suggestions are welcome!

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