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Wednesday, November 26

No good deed goes unpunished

Or you're damned if you do and damned if you don't

Trying to save money and cut back? Well 'screw you', says Long Island Power Authority

LIPA wants to raise power bill
Cut back on your power use this year? You may have helped to raise your LIPA bill.

The Long Island Power Authority said yesterday lower customer usage has cut revenue, one of the factors behind a proposed 4.8 percent bill increase for next year.

The hike in LIPA's 2009 budget comes despite a record drop in the cost of fuel and on the heels of two increases this year. It translates into a $7.50 monthly increase on average residential LIPA bills, and represents a power supply charge increase of more than 9 percent.(continued)


Why in tarnation does al qaida want to target NY all the time? We're not the REAL AMERICA! Ask anyone. Really.

Breaking News: Feds warn of terror plotting against NYC subways

"...the threat may also be directed at the passenger rail lines running through New York, such as Amtrak and the Long Island Rail Road, which are particularly busy with Thanksgiving holiday travelers."

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