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Friday, November 21

Madam Secretary

Despite the popular uprising on the left, against all the hysteria going on among the pundits and the Media, and in spite of disapproval and disheartening of his own inner circle over Hillary's appointment as Secretary of State, President-Elect Barrack Obama is sticking to his guns in doing just that.

NBC confirms that the Secretary Of State post is offered to Hillary Clinton, and she will accept it. The announcement will be made official after Thanksgiving Holiday.

For all the naysayers who doubted his resolve or executive spine, President Elect proves that he has the right stuff to be Chief Executive.

So far, all the appointments show his thrive for excellence of the new administration. I wish him well! He will need all the competent people in this country to deal with the tremendous task he is set to accomplish.

Challenging times enable Presidents to achieve greatness.

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