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Sunday, November 23

Listen to songs, smoke a cigarette, smoke more, die

(great title by youtube user!)

Got sidetracked again at youtube folks!! Just came across this old "Your Hit Parade" video -- had to post it.....My My My how things have changed.

OMG I'm coughing up a lung here!! ROFLMFAO!!!!! (fast forward video to 3:40)

So round - so firm --- So Fully Packed

so free and easy...... on the draw

oh the historic chant of the tobacco auctioneer.....

one of the true traditions of our country!!!

I only stumbled on that video cause I was watching this video

Incredible Sonovox - Kay Kyser - 1940 film "You'll Find Out"

**(The ending is precious!!)**

and I only watched that video cause I was looking up some info on my NEW FAVORITE SONG by Desmond and the Tutus


"Kiss You On The Cheek"


now I want a cig

better go clean the house now

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