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Wednesday, November 12

Dennis Kucinich's Sister Dies on Veterans Day

Army Veteran Beth Ann Kucinich, youngest sister of Congressman Dennis Kucinich, died Veteran's Day at Veteran's Hospital in Cleveland, after a battle with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Beth was 48 years old. Her family was at her side throughout the three-week ordeal, as she struggled to survive while on life support. Beth served in the U.S. Army at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. A talented musician as well as an artist, she sold many of her works of art to her fellow veterans at the Brecksville Veterans Center. Her specialty was drawing famous cartoon characters for friends and loved ones on special occasions. "Our brother, Perry passed away last December. Beth Ann never got over Perry's sudden passing. The two had been inseparable. She talked about Perry constantly and she longed to be with him," said her eldest brother Dennis.


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