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Thursday, November 13

Conspiracy Theorist Thursday

I was hoping I would/things would change after the election. I really thought that I/we would breathe a little easier now. FINALLY, I might sleep through the night -- at least a full 8 hours once or twice a week anyway.

Didn't last long. I guess I am a true blue conspiracy theorist. My head is spinning out of control.

In order to preserve what sanity I have left (and spare you -- my friends), I will only bring this up once a week.


Did you know that CONSPIRE means "to breathe the same air?

I'll try to lay off Obama and give him a chance (but never on a Thursday)

A fabulous read for all:
Sparing Obama Criticism Isn't Doing Him (or Us) Any Favors - by Tom Engelhardt

Additional reading from Dissident Voice for this here Thursday --

Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist

Responding to a Conspiracy Theorist’s Confessions

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