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Saturday, November 22

Beware of the Cute

And I mean it.

Giant pandas are cute, from cubs all the way to full-grown adults, but they are still wild animals. A man snuck into a zoo in Guilin, China and found out the hard way when he went to hug the panda and the panda started biting him.

You can read all about it here.

Many things that we consider "cute" are actually quite nasty. Koalas, for example. They look rather cute with their placid eyes, bootleather noses and Einstein-like tufts of fur sticking out of their ears.

But try to pick one up. That's when you find that those huge curved claws on their paws have uses other than clinging to trees and they wet you down with strong eucalyptus-scented urine.

So the next time something looks so gosh-darned cute (or kyoooot) you just feel the overriding urge to pick it up and cuddle it, be warned.

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