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Wednesday, October 15

Why I'd Make a Better VP than Sarah Palin: Turn Up the Volume

-Very Special Thanks to Roseanne Cash-

"A female (vice) president. Maybe they'd start calling it the 'Ova Office'."
-Brett Butler

Does Sarah Palin act like she was just born tonight?

Well some Women Against Sarah Palin think she would be a national embarrassment and disgrace to our gender if she were to become VP of the United States.
If so, would that instead brand it the "Office of Oblivion?"

Now to bring out the big guns... the extraordinarily talented and amazing Grammy Award winning Country, Folk, Blues, Pop and Rock singer and songwriter Roseanne Cash offers a near dozen reasons why she'd make a better VP than Sarah Palin:

"In summation, I present myself to the GOP as a woman, and I repeat, woman, who has held a passport for thirty-eight years, a lip gloss-wearing soccer-volleyball-softball-gymnastics mom of five, who can carry a six-pack home to her husband like nobody's business, whose will is firmly aligned with God's will, a neo-natal conservative and legally savvy public figure, a border-watching, trigonometry-credited, breastfeeding, BlackBerry-tapping, cat-throwing maverick whose daughters are out of their teens, therefore immune to teenage pregnancy (although this is a private, family matter), and whose dad's head (or an eerie facsimile) adorns a state airline."

Hey Roseanne, you're not alone.


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