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Thursday, October 23

Some Thoughts for the Day:

Things I thunked about;

Go into a Wal-Mart (I know, it’s hard to do for some); look around at the vast amount of “Stuff” you can purchase with your dwindling dollars; take your time and really, really look at the vast amount of “Stuff”; then realize that over 70% of that “Stuff” is made in China; but you really don’t know which 70%; next check out the grocery section of your local Super Wal-Mart and wonder how much of that comes from China; then try to enjoy your next home-made (with products from Wal-Mart) meal!

Oil and gas prices went up; food, clothing, heating oil and nearly all necessary staples of our life increased in price because the cost of delivery went up; because gas prices went up; now gas is down over 30%; but other prices are still the same; they haven’t dropped and most small businesses said they are not going to return prices to the pre-oil price increase period; but the backbone of Amurikan jobs (small businesses) aren’t hiring because they can’t afford it, they say; but they're keeping the extra money anyway.

We had a milk/dairy products shortage a year or so ago and dairy products increased in price and decreased in volume; have you looked closely when you buy a half-gallon of ice cream?; it’s not a “half-gallon” any longer; it’s 1.75 quarts; but it’s the same price as that half-gallon; even though that shortage is officially over.

We haven’t heard anything lately about illegal immigrants coming into Amurika from Mexico; did they all stop because it’s election time? Maybe they can’t climb over the fence; did ladder exports to Mexico suddenly increase?

We had no trouble raising 700 billion for Wall Street on the spur of the moment with the gracious consent of the tax payers of Amurika; why are there people who don’t have heat for this coming winter when one-tenth of that amount could provide warmth for 95% of those who need it?

Is Iraq still a happening thing? Is it over? Did we win? Does anyone care if our boys and girls are still being maimed and killed for Cheney’s Oil? is there any way we can spend more money in Iraq so Halliburton can have a great Xmas and give bonuses like the failed Wall Street businesses?

Where’s George Bush? Where’s Dick Cheney? Have they gone to Paraguay yet?

Has Jenna dropped her load yet or is the Beige House hoping she’ll deliver December 25th as a sign from Sarah Palin? And did Bristol and what’s his name find an inn or will they have to look for a stable…or hockey rink? And will her mother’s pride and joy be a nice, bouncing 8 pound hockey puck?

Do they still make phone booths?

What have you thunk of lately?

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