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Saturday, October 25

Sister Love's Traveling Salvation Show

From the Huffington Post:

McCain Faces Internal "Palin Insurgency"

We’re starting to see the true Sarah “Fanatic, Religious Right-Wing” Palin coming out. She’s offered little glimpses of it in her past comments and the interview with Brian Williams seemed to show “tension” between McCain and Palin. Palin takes over the interview and McCain doesn’t appear too comfortable with the choice Dobson made him accept.

The story at Huffington should come as no surprise to any of us who have followed her emergence from the cave. That she pretends to be speaking from her own (warped) mind yet parroting views of extremist religious outside influence is becoming more and more evident. She continues to deliver more and more of Dobson’s Radical Views in her speaking.

Whether she actually understands the extent of the division she continues to cultivate in this country or if she is a mentally aware party to it really makes no difference. She is a TOOL of the Radical Religious Right; fomenting hatred, division and violence which are basics to maintaining control of the frenzied, crazed Xtians and necessary to spread the underlying fascism of their misinterpreted Xtianity.

Watching her closely, a few of us have noticed a growing fanatical expression no longer buried under that pasted-on, artificial smile. Her demeanor has become more bellicose as she tries less than subtly to inflame those at her rallies. She feeds off of the pernicious neurosis she instills in her mindless minions. Watch her eyes and facial expression as she whips the crowd with talking points that obviously aren’t hers but that she fully accepts. That appearance is the same I’ve seen in “Hell, Fire and Brimstone Preachers” at revivals goading their sheep into their demented visions of religious ecstasy...and she attains similar results. It’s the same attitude we saw in a World War II leader in his last days; in crazed “preachers” in Guyana; in Waco; in Montana; in a hundred zealots in a hundred different places driving their sheep into a fervor that can only end one way.

While she is being dismissed by many “rational observers” and even a number of semi sane McCain advisors, make no mistake, the shadows behind this unapologetic opportunist are the ones providing demented motives Palin spews to incite these cattle.

Even if the Republican Party tries to ignore or even disown Palin after the election, the diabolic Religious Nuts using her will not stop. Their taste of power these last 8 years is too adicting for them to ignore.

Another blogger has expressed disdain at Obama for his “Messianic” comments; him (Obama) standing in a Heavenly light. Concerns like that are petty when you compare the hidden malevolence behind Palin’s (and her handler’s) ever widening radicalism. Her association with the Cult she calls her church shows the depth of her commitment to that religious belief no matter how she downplays or evades questions about it. We’ve seen her type before, throughout history. We just never expected it to happen in America.

Bush and Cheney’s fanaticism is mild in comparison to what she and those who support her have planned for this country. Bush and Cheney merely wanted money.

Dobson and his ilk, through Palin, want our souls.

Additional Republican Tripe:

From AmericaBlog:

Norm Coleman Mails "Rape" Comic Book to Minnesota's Children

They just defy the concept of being Human, Xtian or sane.

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