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Thursday, October 30

Oh Goodie

It appears that the powers that be are manufacturing expecting a message from Osama bin Laden right around the election. It is being said that he would run the risk of becoming irrelevant if he doesn't rear his ugly face.

"...sources say a number of intelligence analysts have concluded it is critical for al Qaeda's top leader to be seen or heard, if only for public relations purposes. Those analysts believe that if bin Laden is not heard from, he runs the risk of being considered irrelevant or impotent.
"According to sources, the full weight of the intelligence electronic eavesdropping and human sourcing is right now desperately looking for any hint of a bin Laden statement. So far there is only rumor, no hard evidence a message is coming, officials said."
Who side are these intelligence eavesdroppers on anyway? And what relevant thing would OBL have to say to Americans? "Nyah, nyah, I'm still alive!"

Full story.

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