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Friday, October 24



(click on above youtube video for Prop 8 television ad)

Adorable, happy little girl: “Mom, guess what I learned in school today? I learned how a prince can marry a prince and I can marry a princess!”

Mom: Rendered speechless, with eyes bugging out of her head as if she’s about to have a flippin’ coronary. Sheer terror sets into the kitchen….

What kind of a parental reaction is this to direct at a happy young child? This mom acts like she doesn’t even love her kid. This mom acts like she doesn’t tolerate her kid saying anything she doesn’t think is correct - or much less even like. Instead, this mom acts as if this book “King and King” is about to convert her child into a lesbian – and finally, she’s horrified that her school is actually admitting that homosexuals even exist!

Meanwhile, a Silicon Valley lesbian couple parked their SUV Chevy Suburban displaying a message in front of a “devout Mormon family’s home” with a large “Yes on Prop 8” banner hanging over the expanse of their garage.

The family’s murky “logic” in support of this anti-gay rights proposition goes like this:

"We are not motivated by hate and anger in any way," Michele Sundstrom said. "We think same-sex couples should enjoy the same rights and privileges as married couples, as it says in the California family code. We just don't want to redefine the word marriage."

Happy Friday!


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