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Wednesday, October 22

Hey, John! I got a question. You keep saying that we're not coming home from Iraq unless we're winners and then only with honor. OK.

Al Qaeda (or whatever the spelling du jour is)is supposedly gone into Pakistan or Iran or Afghanistan.
The Sunnis and Shia are fighting each other.
The insurgents, whoever they are whenever convenient are fighting...who?
The Iraqi Police are killing anyone.

So the question is this:
If we win...who was it we beat? And if we didn't beat the guys we started fighting with, how are we winners? What kind of honor is there in beating the guys who didn't start the fight with you in the first place?

Isn't it like Powerhouse Michigan playing Penn State but switching to play a junior college in the middle of the third quarter?

So, John. Who exactly will we be beating with honor?


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