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Sunday, October 19

A Fraud Perpetrated on Acorn

CNN FACT CHECKS: This is not voter fraud. The reality is that registration fraud was committed by employees against ACORN to make money ($8/hr). They cheated by copying names and addresses from the phone book or making up voters. It is very unlikely that bogus registrations would actually lead to voter fraud.

The GOP is using this issue as a distraction. The AP Nails it:
Is ACORN, according to McCain, perpetuating voter fraud that could be "destroying the fabric of democracy"? Or are Republicans trying to keep the disadvantaged, who tend to be Democrats, from casting ballots in a hotly contested presidential race that has drawn record numbers of new voters?

By legal definition, to commit voter fraud means a person would have to present some kind of documentation at the polls — a driver's license, a phone bill or another form of ID — that bears the name of Mickey Mouse, for example. To do so risks a fine and imprisonment under state laws.

Submitting fake registration cards is another matter. Local law enforcement agencies in about a dozen states are investigating fake registrations submitted by ACORN workers. Late last week, The Associated Press reported the FBI will be reviewing those cases.
ACORN workers were the ones who discovered the fake forms and flagged them for the local election officials. In every state investigating bad registrations, ACORN tipped off local officials to bogus or incomplete cards, so it isn't the organization that is trying to defraud anyone.

Federal law requires that first time voters bring ID when they go to vote for the first time. So will Mickey Mouse actually show up and produce his driver's license? Read why the ACORN issue is a hoax by the GOP.

Voter fraud is virtually non-existent. Voter suppression is a regular practice of the GOP however and I'm sure we'll be seeing and hearing a lot about that, but not from the corporate media.

And why is it when touch screen voting glitches happen, it's always for the GOP?

At least three early voters in Jackson County had a hard time voting for candidates they want to win.

Virginia Matheney and Calvin Thomas said touch-screen machines in the county clerk's office in Ripley kept switching their votes from Democratic to Republican candidates.

"When I touched the screen for Barack Obama, the check mark moved from his box to the box indicating a vote for John McCain," said Matheney, who lives in Kenna. continued

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