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Thursday, October 16

The Dirt on Joe the Plumber

Joe does make less than $250,000 and would be receiving Obama's tax cuts.

He is practicing plumbing without a license. He owes back taxes.
This story doesn't relate to 95% of Americans.

The Chronicle
"Joe the Plumber," the Toledo, Ohio, man whose complaints about Barack Obama's tax plan were featured in the final presidential debate, owes the state of Ohio almost $1,200 in back income taxes.

According to records on file with the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas, the state filed a tax lien against Samuel J. Wurzelbacher (Joe the Plumber) for $1,182.98 on Jan. 26, 2007, that is still active.
Also, Wurzelbacher told the Associated Press earlier today he doesn't have a plumber's license and doesn't need one.

Wurzelbacher said he works for a small plumbing company that does residential work. Because he works for someone else, he doesn't need a license, he said.

But the county Wurzelbacher and his employer live in, Lucas County, requires plumbers to have licenses. Neither Wurzelbacher nor his employer are licensed there...

See San Francisco Chronicle: Story of Joe the Plumber springs many leaks

And this just in. But it seems far fetched. Joe the Plumber may be related to the Charles Keating.

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